What is the difference between Scanco and the competition?

Scanco is a Sage OEM partner with a 20+ year relationship. We developed and still support the Barcode Module. We are able to provide a level of knowledge and support to ensure you receive the most value from your investment. Also, our software works on a true realtime connection with Sage 100.

How do you reboot the handheld?

Hold the power button down for 10 seconds.

What service needs to be running on the server?

The Net service needs to be running in order to login on the handheld.

How do you toggle the numbers on the Motorola MC55?

Press the orange button twice in the lower right corner to activate orange lettered numbers.

How long does the battery last?

Standard batteries vary based on usage and wireless connectivity but last approximately 3 hours on average.

Can you purchase longer lasting batteries?

Yes, most models can be fitted with an ‘Extended Battery’ that last approximately 8 hours.

I received a pistol grip for the Intermec CN3/CK3, how do you install it?

Simply remove the strap and screw (#2 Slotted Screwdriver), fit the pistol grip, and tighten the screw at the end.

I just licensed SOTI Pocket Controller, can I install it on more than 1 computer?

Yes, the license will allow Pocket Controller to be installed on up to (3) computers.

How do you log out of the scanner properly?

Press the ‘Exit’ button the touch screen until the program reloads itself.

Using Automation Series, how do you send data to SAGE 100 after scanning?

Press ‘Options’ then ‘Proceed’ on the handheld to release your work. Then in SAGE 100, run the ‘Unattended Barcode Transaction Import’ to formally import the scanned data.

Can you leave the unattended running all day?

Yes, but it may need to be stopped in order to post/update the Daily Registers.

Does the Automation Series require any SAGE 100 user licenses?

Automating your transactions will significantly reduce errors associated with manual processes, therefore allowing your company to run more efficiently and increase your bottom line.

How long will it take to see my Return on Investment?

Typically, a Scanco client will realize their ROI in approximately 4-8 months. If during our initial consultations we discover that you will not see a return in 18 months or longer, we will not recommend you purchase an automation system.

What level of integration does Scanco provide with Sage 100?

The Automation Series is seamlessly integrated into Sage 100 and operates in a realtime mode to validate data instantly. We can also operate in a batch mode for offsite validation.

What if I am just interested in printing labels to comply with my customers demands?

Scanco offers a dedicated label printing solution, MP2. MP2 will allow you to print custom labels directly from the data within Sage 100. This program is a stand alone program that can operate on any PC at your business.

What if I already have mobile handheld scanners?

We are able to support quite a few different handhelds. Just ask your sales rep during your discovery call about your specific model and they can inform you on the compatibility.

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