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How can we help?

Due to an unprecedented spike in demand, we are unfortunately experiencing delays and slower response times from our Customer Care team. We’re still operational and our aim is to respond to as many issues as possible. We recommend referencing our ever-expanding knowledge base at for self-help assistance.


To submit a support request, please send an email to or fill out a new support request below.

If possible, provide the following information to expedite the support process for your case:

  • Can you describe step-by-step events that led to your issue?
  • Include as many screenshots as possible to show us where you are and the error you are getting.
  • Any other recent events or changes that may be related—such as network outage, server update, ISP or firewall changes, etc.?

Do not create more than one ticket for an issue. You will receive a confirmation email with your CASE NUMBER after submitting your issue. Please utilize this email to send additional information to our support staff.

Please Note: You may be asked by our support team to connect remotely utilizing a link we provide from