Can I Use My Smartphone for Barcoding Purposes in the Warehouse?

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When we discuss the possibility of incorporating smartphones into the warehouse with our clients, we are often met with a slew of questions regarding the reliability and capabilities of smartphones for warehouse management purposes. The most common questions, however, revolve around the ability to scan barcode labels using smartphones. Can it be done? Do smartphones have the same capabilities as handheld barcoding devices? Are they safe to use in the warehouse?

In one word, yes. Smartphones are fully capable of scanning barcodes for inventory management, picking, packing, and shipping purposes. In fact, smartphones equipped with Sage 100 barcoding (formerly MAS 90 barcoding and MAS 200 barcoding) software can actually improve your barcoding efforts and streamline your warehouse management processes. With our innovative Sage 100 mobile solutions, you can fully manage your warehouse using only your smartphone. This not only saves your company valuable money in terms of hardware costs, but it reduces your training efforts as most of your warehouse workers already know how to operate a smartphone. In fact, the greatest challenge will be training them on using the actual software (and that won’t be hard).

Smartphones have the same capabilities as handhelds. When paired with our Sage 100 mobile warehouse application, users can instantly update Sage 100 ERP and receive everything they need to know about any item in the warehouse. Warehouse workers can receive pick and pick instructions on their phones and verify that the correct item is being shipped through a simple scan using their mobile device. By using smartphones to complete barcoding tasks, manufacturers can improve productivity, increase efficiency, and reduce the number of errors in the shipping process.

Contact us to learn more about using mobile devices in the warehouse. As a Sage 100 barcoding expert, we have developed multiple solutions (including a mobile label printing solution) designed to arm your warehouse with the latest and greatest in warehouse management technology.