Bring Your Barcode Label Printing In-House with Sage 100 Label Printing Software

As we’ve already discussed extensively on this blog, barcoding improves the efficiency and overall operation of the warehouse. It helps automate manual processes, track inventory as it moves throughout the warehouse, and keep an accurate inventory count so you always know how many products you have on hand. A barcoding solution eliminates manual data entry and errors, provides companies with real-time data to improve inventory control, and improves staff productivity and efficiency. Companies can gain return on investment (ROI) on a barcoding solution very quickly, making it a sound investment.

However, in order to be able to scan barcodes and track inventory, you need to have a barcode label printing solution. Most warehouses do not come equipped with barcode labels on their items or products, and if they do, the barcodes do not contain the information they need. By investing in a barcode label printing solution, you can control the data contained in the barcode and begin labeling your full warehouse.

Before you choose a barcode label printing solution, make sure you are aware of your requirements in such a solution. All solutions are not the same, and it’s important to know the distinction between the different types of barcode labels and barcode label printers. Handheld devices make for easy and portable printing options while stationary printers are more capable of handling heavy-duty barcode labeling projects. Always know your requirements before investing in a solution.

If your company employs an ERP system to manage your warehouse operations, make sure the barcode label printing device is compatible with your company’s ERP software. Here at Scanco, we offer several barcode label printing solutions for your barcode label printing needs. MP2, a barcode label printing solution for Sage 100 ERP (formerly Sage MAS 90 and Sage MAS 200), is our newest label printing solution. It integrates seamlessly with the Sage 100 ERP software and can pull virtually any information from the system. Users have the ability to print barcode labels using various label templates and can print the information needed on a label at any time, from anywhere. This Sage 100 label printing software is also compatible with most laser and thermal label printers, giving you the ultimate choice when it comes to selecting your label printing device.

If you are interested in bringing your barcode label printing in-house, contact us today. Our Sage 100 label printing solution can give you the control you need to run an efficient and productive warehouse. For tips on implementing your new solution, read these important barcode inventory management system implementation tips.