Barcode Labels Proven to Improve Productivity and Increase Profitability

Here at Scanco, we are barcode people. We believe that barcoding is the first step to achieving warehouse automation. While many people are familiar with barcodes (they can be seen on almost anything these days), there are still some questions surrounding barcoding in the warehouse. We’d like to clear up a few questions about using barcoding to achieve warehouse automation.

The barcode label is the backbone of most warehouse management systems today and can hold quite a bit of information. When used properly, barcode labels can track the progression of inventory throughout your warehouse from the moment it hits your dock. If you receive a product without a barcode label, you can print one for the product and choose the information you wish to be imbedded in the barcode label.

Once the barcode label has been scanned in the receiving process, the product can be put away, moved, and picked using the barcode on the item. This guarantees that your inventory never gets lost or misplaced. Barcode labels allow you to view the products currently stored in your warehouse and see where in the warehouse they are located. Barcoding prevents your staff from making mistakes during the receiving process and ensures that the correct items are picked during the picking process. They prevent the wrong items from being moved to the wrong location or replenished in the wrong pick bin. Barcoding makes counting inventory easy and allows you to stop spending your time on expensive physical inventories.

Your warehouse management system will track the movement of your inventory through the warehouse and deliver real-time information back to your ERP system. Investing in a barcode solution will not only improve your productivity and efficiency, but it will also increase your profitability by the unnecessary cost of physical inventory counts.

Scanco offers several solutions for your barcoding needs. Sage 500 barcoding software prints barcode labels for Sage 500 ERP users, and Sage 100 label printing software (formerly MAS 90 and MAS 200 barcoding software) produces barcode labels for Sage 100 ERP users. Scanco also provides Sage 100 barcoding training for Sage 100 ERP users.

For more information about our barcoding products and how we can help you achieve warehouse automation, contact us today.