Are Out-of-Stock Messages Plaguing Your Sage 100 Warehouse?

Sage 100 warehouse


Here in December, when demand isn’t always predictable, are your customers getting out-of-stock messages when they order? Are you looking for that product that was supposed to be in the warehouse but isn’t? These problems indicate that you may need an improved Sage 100 warehouse management system. Integrated warehouse automation and management tools may be just what you need to prevent those pesky out-of-stock messages.

Predicting the Demand Curve and Order Cycle

It can be difficult to predict your company’s demand curve without historical data. Some industries find that orders fluctuate greatly from year to year, seasonally, or even monthly. That’s where having accurate, real-time data really comes in handy.

When your warehouse management system is fully integrated in real-time with your Sage 100 ERP, you’ll be able to run reports on sales to assess the demand curve and predict future orders. The order cycle can be assessed and analyzed too, and changes made in your stock levels based on predictions derived from data. These systems use accurate, timely data, so you are always accessing the latest information. It makes predicting demand much easier throughout the organization.

Technology to Use the Three M’s: Monitor, Measure, and Manage

Warehousing and distribution managers talk about the ‘three M’s’: monitoring stock levels, measuring current stock and forecasted demand, and managing supplies according to that demand level.

With the right data at your fingertips, each element among the three M’s becomes easier to address. Real-time data accessed through cloud-based systems, Scanco Warehouse, helps you monitor stock levels and react swiftly to increased demand, marketing pushes that create demand, and other situations that may increase orders and necessitate reorders.

Measuring exiting inventory is also easier. Accurate data, transmitted through the swipe of a barcode reader or even via smartphone scan, helps you get a complete picture of what is available within your warehouse.

Managing inventory is also easier with the right systems in place. Stock can be moved from one location to another to fulfill pending orders. Managing bin locations, shelf areas, and other tasks related to warehouse management can also be accomplished quickly with the right data at hand.

Scanco Warehouse Gives You the Knowledge and Control You Need

When it comes to warehouse management, knowledge—specifically, accurate, timely data on your stock situation—is power. Without it, your work is based on guesses.

Accurate and timely data helps you run a more efficient and effective warehouse. Knowing what is in stock, how much is left, how long it will take to replenish key items, and where items may be housed within the company is critical. Sage 100 warehouse management systems make the task easier by synthesizing and collating data from numerous parts of the organization. Access via web-based interfaces ensures that no matter where you are, you can see at a glance the information that will help you run your business. It’s powerful knowledge that will help you manage inventory levels so you rarely run low on anything again.

Scanco’s mission is to transform how companies handle warehouse management. We offer warehouse management software and support, barcoding software and label printing, and much more. Learn more about our services online or contact us.