3 Ways to Increase Your ROI with Mobile Field Service

Mobile field serviceHere on the Scanco blog, we talk a lot about warehouse automation, inventory barcoding, and other in-office time savers, but many of our clients don’t know that our apps also offer an impressive mobile field service solution for on-the-go companies. If your team works almost entirely out of the office, today’s post will help you understand how you can get a great return on your investment with little effort.

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  1. Increase Sales

As you know, service companies simply begin their task when the schedule is set. Sure, you can show up at a customer’s home or office location and tinker around, but you won’t get paid—you won’t complete the sale—until you solve the problem. Of course the more clients you can schedule in a day, the more sales you can complete, and the key to getting more done faster is having your entire team able to work together quickly and efficiently.

With a mobile field service app from Scanco, your service team can:

  • Get detailed information about specific issues (even with an absent customer)
  • Verify details or resolve concerns in-app (without involving the customer)
  • Update the back office on job status (slow jobs, tricky jobs, or jobs far out of scope)

All this instant communication and information helps your team complete more jobs in a shorter time period so that you can increase your sales, thereby increasing your ROI.

  1. Deliver Enhanced Customer Service

According to the Aberdeen Group’s 2016 report, Field Service 2016: Strengthen the Team and Bond with Your Customers, “The impact of the field team on the customer experience cannot be overstated … the field technician has the opportunity to either wow the customer or underwhelm them and even put a future service contract in jeopardy.”

Today’s impatient customers are used to integrated CRM systems from the mega companies they work with that transfer all their customer history from person to person as they interact with more people in the company. If your technicians don’t have detailed customer information on hand at all times, or if they seem to ask too many questions as they’re working, your ongoing service contracts may be threatened as your customers begin to wonder about your efficiency or listening skills.

  1. Improve Productivity

When we talk about productivity, it’s important to remember that we’re talking about more than efficiency. We’re sure you have employees who efficiently check their email or Facebook feed, but those tasks don’t improve overall productivity for your company. Scanco’s mobile field service app helps your employees do more of what they need to do—in less time.

Check out just some of the benefits you’ll get with the mobile field service app from Scanco:

Instant job information at all times

Not only does the app from Scanco offer you detailed data about job-site status, it also empowers your team with the information they need and an easy way to enter their updates, both online and offline.

Insight into your mobile team’s performance

Because the Scanco app is easy to learn and use, the teams we work with tend to experience quick user adoption, which is a key component to new software success. With your whole team using the software, you’ll be able to see how much time jobs take, which of your team members excel at which types of tasks, and even the current stage they’re at in each project. Wow!

The competitive edge

Optimized data helps your company improve at an unprecedented rate, but maintaining the competitive edge doesn’t rely on your company understanding itself better, it relies on your company delivering better information to your customers. With the GPS fleet tracking and status reports in the Scanco mobile field service app, you can keep clients in the know about expected arrival times, expected service-completion times, and even expected costs. That level of customer service is sure to grow your business with loyal customers who refer you to all their friends and associates.

Get an Incredible ROI on Your Mobile Field Service App from Scanco

If you’re ready to turbocharge your customer relations, your team productivity, and your profits, you’re ready for the flexible, powerful mobile field service app from Scanco. To get more information, please contact Scanco online or call us at 1-877-SCANCO-1 for instant assistance.