3 Tips for Faster Logistics in Sage 500 ERP / Sage MAS 500

Sage 500 ERPWith the holidays zooming ever closer, your job as a distributor is getting harder. The hours are longer. Daily shipping demands are climbing. Your busy staff is consuming their weight in coffee each hour. Even your label printer is starting to suffer the effects of overexertion. Looking for tips that’ll speed up your order fulfillment in Sage 500 ERP / Sage MAS 500? This article has got you covered.

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  1. Know What You Have

The typical users of Sage 500 ERP / Sage MAS 500 are companies that expect exponential growth in a short period of time. As a rapidly growing distributor, your stock is likely housed in multiple warehouses—each of which may fall into varying levels of disorganization during the overwhelming holiday rush.

This can make it hard to count what you have.

Incorrect inventory counts lead to stock-outs, and you don’t want to be in a position of having to explain to your retail partners that you can’t meet their last-minute holiday orders because you didn’t plan properly.

Increase your speed on physical counts, cycle counts, and spot checks with a Sage 500 ERP / Sage MAS 500 warehouse solution that cuts your counting time by 75%.

  1. See Where Your Stock Is

The busier we all get, the more mistakes we make—and you and your employees sure are busy right now. In a warehouse, mistakes usually lead to inaccurate counts, which can cut into your profits.

Sometimes, counts are off because warehouse or bin transfers weren’t tracked properly, which means you’re likely to find your missing stock at an unexpected time. However, while it’s missing, you’re probably going to order more of that item, and that may lead to a stock overage down the road. Stock overages cost you in storage space, fees, and inventory tie-up that reduces the liquidity of your assets.

Clearly, it’s critical to track your inventory transfers, but how can you ensure that all your employees—including your new trainees and your overburdened managers—keep accurate notes for moved items? How can you make sure that you can read those handwritten notes of theirs?

Easy. You can use a warehouse management solution for your Sage 500 ERP / Sage MAS 500 system. Seamlessly integrated warehouse tools help you gain insight into where your stock is at all times, so you can ensure that you can find items when you need them. This will also assist with counts.

  1. Get Orders Out the Door Faster

This may seem like obvious advice. After all, the whole reason you’re reading these tips is to increase your logistics speed. However, you may be surprised to learn how much time you’re wasting on inefficient processes that delay your shipments.

Warehouse barcoding tools shave minutes off of each order by:

  • Ensuring item accuracy
  • Eliminating manual entry
  • Easing workstation operations

Instead of having employees collect paper pick sheets from you, and then wander your warehouse finding orders, picking orders, packing orders, and labeling orders, you can create workstations that complete each task in record time. Workstations in the warehouse resemble highly efficient assembly line production methods, with one team that picks stock, another team that packs, and a third team that ships.

Distributor-friendly software for Sage MAS 500 drives this process with flexible picking options based on sales order, shipments, or traditional list formatting.

Take the Next Step to Optimize Your Sage 500 ERP / Sage MAS 500 Warehouse

Many distributors worry that setting up a warehouse automation system will cost them a lot of money or require a long setup time. It doesn’t have to.

Though some warehouse management programs take months to install due to tricky code modifications and other in-depth programming needs, distributors have relied on Scanco for nearly 30 years to provide easy-to-use warehouse automation solutions that leverage the power of your smartphone to speed up your Sage 500 ERP / Sage MAS 500 warehouse right now.

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