3 Benefits of Mobile Scanners for Your Business

mobile scannersIn the 2016 Global Industry 4.0 Survey released earlier this year, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) reported that “first movers,” companies that adopt effective technology faster than their peers, are “almost three times more successful in combining high revenue increases with significant gains in cost reduction.” PwC also revealed that “the implementation of track-and-trace devices [mobile scanners] for products will lead to better inventory performance and reduced logistics cost.”

It’s time to increase your revenues, reduce your costs, and pull ahead of your competitors with the trusted mobile-scanner-based track-and-trace technology from Scanco. Contact us online or call (877) SCANCO-1 to learn more about your options for better inventory performance.

What Are Mobile Scanners?

In essence, mobile scanners refer to a wide range of portable scanning devices your employees can use to capture detailed inventory information, completely error free.

Fast facts about mobile scanners:

  1. Today’s mobile scanners can be hooked up to a smartphone for easy, lightweight portability
  2. Hands-free mobile scanning is available from some vendors
  3. Technology advancements include RFID tagging, which can transmit data in transit and be accessed remotely
  4. NFC (“Near Field Communication”) tagging can share in-depth inventory data to nearby, authorized phones with no scanning required

Most companies think of rugged, clunky, heavy barcode readers when they think of mobile scanners, and they’re often pleasantly surprised that scanning technology has advanced far beyond the traditional methods of days gone by.

Here are three ways modern mobile scanners can benefit your warehouse or manufacturing operations.

  1. Eliminate Manual Data Entry

Manual data entry isn’t just slow, it’s also a significant source of error in businesses – and today’s time-strapped organizations don’t have the leisure to identify and correct troublesome mistakes every day. Without constant correction, those small mistakes can add up fast, and high-volume companies that run out of their inventory will find themselves soon running out of customers too.

If you run a warehouse, you’ll be pleased to learn that mobile scanners can improve your picking flexibility too. Not only do scanning devices speed up warehouse operations, they also empower you to set your parameters to set up picking by sales order, list, or shipment.

  1. Reduce the Need for Physical Counts

Whether your company is tracking raw materials, finished products, or stocked inventory, you need to be able to trust that your counts are reliable from day to day. With error-prone manual data entry, the fact is you can’t trust your numbers. Easy-to-carry, easy-to-use mobile scanning solutions help your business maintain the accurate counts you need – and help you verify your numbers by reducing your physical count times by 75%.

Manufacturers especially enjoy the freedom they gain from mobile scanners to seamlessly keep track of their materials handling, returns, and scrap. The real-time visibility from scanners helps manufacturers plan for timely purchasing, even in JIT facilities.

  1. Access Deeper Insight and Actionable Data

Today’s manufacturers and distributors face tighter margins and faster speeds than they ever have in the past. At such a rapid pace, it probably takes all your energy and attention to avoid critical mistakes in quality control or shipment accuracy. Mobile scanners help by delivering real-time, accurate data on the metrics that matter, so you can make faster, more confident decisions that drive your business forward.

Seamless integration with your Sage 100, Sage 500, Acumatica, or NetSuite ERP can also help provide deeper insight into your productivity and operations. When your entire team has up-to-date data at their fingertips, they’ll have the ability to deliver better customer service at every opportunity.

Choice Is Important When Selecting Mobile Scanners

Since your business is a “first mover” focused on pulling ahead of your peers, your company is likely to be considered innovative or visionary. Smart innovators demand choices because they’re not willing to settle for the status quo. To meet your unique needs, Scanco offers mix-and-match mobile scanners and solutions you can use to build the perfect, streamlined process at your company.

Contact Scanco online or call (877) SCANCO-1 to set up your one-of-a-kind efficiency consultation, and learn how you can modify your operations and break the chains that have been holding your company back.