Will Warehouse Automation Take Over Your Job?

warehouse automationSince the rise of machines in the Industrial Revolution, humankind has worried that these “infernal contraptions” would take our jobs. However, we’ve come a long way since the Spinning Jenny and the Cotton Gin of the Industrial Revolution—and the machines haven’t managed to take our jobs yet. However, automation is a whole new hurdle. A recent, in-depth report from McKinsey Global Institute (MGI) has compiled the evidence and the facts are in: warehouse automation will not take our jobs.

Curious about what the future of jobs is? Of course you are. Read this article to find out how the future’s automated workforce will change our workdays.

The Rise of the Robots

Since the advent of computers, machine learning and artificial intelligence have been a near-constant worry to us humans. A quick assessment of films like The Terminator, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and The Matrix (as well as an assessment of their long-lasting popularity) show that, no matter what we say, we fear that machines will take our jobs, destroy our lifestyles, and steal our happiness.

We’ve got good news for you. According to the MGI report, unless you want nothing else in life but to spend your days doing hard physical labor, tediously collecting dull measurements, and calculating statistical math by hand, those machines are not going to take your job, lifestyle, or happiness.

Full Warehouse Automation Is Still Sci-Fi

While it’s true that machines and computers will soon be taking a lot of dull, tiresome tasks away from us, we’re still nowhere close to a fully automated environment in our warehouses. Human beings are still the most important element in every single warehouse. After all, only humans can come up with creative innovations that made your warehouse work faster, better, and smarter; our computers’ “thoughts” and actions are limited by the extent of their programming.

If the idea of automation has been scaring you, these facts, taken from the MGI report, will help ease your fears:

  • Machines won’t be able to do any of the interesting parts of your job
  • Automation tools can only do repetitive physical tasks in highly structured environments
  • Only 5% of jobs in the world can be fully replaced by automation
  • Approximately only half the work tasks we do can be automated
  • Global automation-tool adoption isn’t expected until 2055

The best fact of all comes from historical example: Scientists view the Industrial Revolution as the biggest contributor to our modern economy and lifestyle, and they attribute the Industrial Revolution with improving both our quality and length of life. History has proven that machines make our lives better, easier, and more fun. Don’t believe me? Think about all the machines in your home that improve your quality of life and overall happiness.

Trust us. Warehouse automation is not going to take your job—it’s going to make your job better for you.

Start Improving Your Job with Automation Now

Ready to start cutting those tedious, dull tasks out of your warehouse? Even though global automation is a long way off, today’s American automation tools can help you speed up your warehouse and increase overall productivity. All it takes to start automating your warehouse is a few smartphones (iOS, Android, or Windows), and highly effective warehouse automation software.

Scanco’s cutting-edge solutions will help you save time and enjoy your workday more with:

  • Real-time information
  • Accurate bin-location tracking
  • Live validation for shipping and receiving data
  • Reduced data entry
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  • Flexibility tailored to meet your company’s unique needs

It’s Time to Create the Future of Your Business

At Scanco, our goal is to automate and integrate all your operations, so that you can grow your warehouse and still have time for your own life. Learn more about Scanco’s automation systems so you can start optimizing your operations for greater (dare I say futuristic?) productivity. Contact us to schedule your free consultation about automating your warehouse and manufacturing operations.