What Could You Do With ONE Warehouse Management and Manufacturing Solution?

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ONE-warehouse-mannagementLast month we announced the release of an exciting new product and business partnership: ONE. Through our partnership with Advanced Computer Solutions Group (ACS) and JDB Solutions Group, we created a one-of-a-kind solution for manufacturers and distributors that simplifies warehouse management and manufacturing. ONE is a one-stop-shop, allowing companies to manage everything related to warehouse and manufacturing management in a single solution. No more linking systems or relying on multiple companies for support. With ONE, you get one software solution and one company to support and back your organization for one purpose: advanced warehouse and manufacturing management.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let us explain how ONE can make a difference in your manufacturing and distribution operation. With ONE, you can:

  • Automate the allocation of your orders toward open orders and back orders
  • Streamline the entire shipping process
  • Direct picking and put away
  • Define and create warehouse zones to control inventory placement and improve efficiency
  • Perform physical counts on mobile devices
  • View real-time reports on warehouse activities
  • Automate bin locations
  • Implement mobile barcoding
  • Track payroll and warehouse labor productivity
  • Capture quality control information during production
  • Manage field service and remote install crews
  • Automate work order

These are just some of the things you can do with ONE. To learn more about the solution and the difference it can make, visit the ONE website.