Warehouse Management: Motivation Tips for Employee Productivity

Scanco Warehouse

Warehouse management is both an art and a science. You’re managing the ebb and flow of goods, but you’re also managing people who need motivation, training, and encouragement. The following management practices can make your warehouse management much easier as workers become more productive.

  • Provide adequate training: Even for easy tasks like barcode scanning, training team members thoroughly can help them save time.
  • Offer encouragement: We often forget that even high-performing employees need to hear a kind word now and then. Encourage and thank people for their work.
  • Catch people doing something right: Praise right actions more often than you scold wrong ones. People tend to remember being corrected more than being praised. To account for that difference, tip the balance in favor of praise.
  • Reward achievement: Set clear and measurable goals. Measure achievement towards goals as well as successfully completed goals. Reward achievement. Rewards don’t necessarily have to be monetary: time off, a special parking space, mention in the company newsletter … these and other rewards are also motivating for employees.

Warehouse management needs processes and systems as well as people to make your warehouse run like clockwork. Scanco helps companies with easy-to-implement systems that make controlling inventory and management a breeze. (People management is up to you!)

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