Warehouse Management Best Practice: How to Achieve 100% Shipping Accuracy

Sage 100In the warehouse, every error costs money. Errors can eat into 11-13% of your profits as we showed in last month’s blog, How Much Are You Paying for Errors in Your Inventory Management. When you are looking to achieve 100% warehouse management accuracy, one area to consider for automation is the shipping department.

Scanco warehouse management tools, when integrated with your Sage 100 or Sage 500 ERP, can help you achieve 100% shipping accuracy. Using Scanco barcoding technology and mobile devices, you can:

  • Get instant access to order and customer data through a seamless interface with Sage 100 or Sage 500.
  • Print shipping labels without manual data entry. Shipping information is taken directly from Sage 100 or Sage 500 to populate the labels for 100% accuracy. Scanco label printers can be installed on multiple workstations or you can use our mobile barcode printer anywhere.
  • Integrate EDI information automatically. With advanced shipping notification (ASN) integration, you can connect all EDI data with sales orders. Packed orders within Scanco Warehouse will collect information during the picking process and automatically create and send your ASN with the pallet contents.

Using these warehouse management tools, Scanco customers have been able to eliminate shipping errors and increase warehouse productivity.  Read about how Unit Liner uses Scanco solutions to ship over 100 packages per day with only two warehouse staff members while achieving 100% shipping accuracy.

If you need warehouse management solutions that will help you achieve 100% shipping accuracy, contact us today.