Warehouse Automation Transforms Your Operation: Are You Ready?

warehouse automationStories of transformation capture the imagination. Who wouldn’t want to change like a caterpillar into a butterfly or an ugly duckling into a swan? With warehouse automation, warehouse operations can transform from outdated and inefficient to modern and effective. Technology, including barcode scanners, Sage 100 warehouse mobility, Scanco Warehouse for Acumatica, and other software can transform your entire warehouse from a time-draining operation into an efficient operation.

Time Wasters, Time Savers

What wastes time in your warehouse? You may think it’s people who spend more time socializing than working, but the truth is that many warehouse tasks themselves are inefficient.

Think about your receiving area. The delivery truck arrives and someone must get the forklift while the driver hands the paperwork to someone to check. Then, the boxes or pallets are unloaded. Goods must be counted and checked into inventory. Then, they must be moved to the correct shelving areas and rotated with existing stock if you’re using FIFO methods of inventory management.

Sound familiar? What about picking and packing—isn’t that also prone to inefficiencies? An employee receives the order paperwork and must walk or drive to the bin location, pull the item, check it from inventory, and then bring it to the packing area where it is packed and shipped.

Time Saving Benefits of Warehouse Automation

Now consider the time saving benefits of warehouse automation. Warehouse automation systems, such as barcode scanners located throughout the warehouse could shave off considerable time from each point in this system.

The delivery truck pulls up and an employee reviews the paperwork. Next, he scans the barcodes of the items as the boxes are moved from receiving to inventory. Another employee scans them in with a quick swipe of a smartphone to indicate they are now part of the inventory. What used to take countless minutes—and was prone to error—now takes seconds and is automated, thus reducing the potential for errors, thanks to barcode scanning technology.

New technologies are also making picking highly efficient. Warehouse automation extends to new picking systems that use robots to find the items in an order. Enter the order information into a central computer and watch while the robotic helper flies up and down the stacks to gather the items. Self-driving vehicles in warehouses can now navigate around people and objects so they can be operated safely while humans work around them. They scan, pick, and deliver goods to the shipping area.

Why should machines replace people in such work? Let’s face it: these are tedious tasks. People need breaks. They get bored. They make mistakes. They cut corners. Machines never do. Warehouse automation makes your entire operation more efficient by eliminating tedious work that’s prone to mistakes.

Warehouse Operations and Automations Made Simple with SCANCO

While we don’t create robots or drones to manage receiving inventory and picking, we do build and sell warehouse automation software that makes your entire warehouse and distribution operation more efficient.

Scanco Warehouse for Sage 100 ERP enables you to manage your warehouse using your ERP software. It runs on rugged Windows-based scanners, smartphones, tablets, and even a desktop. Automated bin locations let you immediately access the location of every item in your warehouse so you can see at a glance what’s in stock and what’s not.

Another benefit of Scanco Warehouse for Sage 100 ERP is live validation. There’s nothing worse than getting a call from an irate customer who receives the wrong product in a shipment. With Scanco Warehouse, the system is directly connected to your database to verify every order received and shipped. It dramatically reduces incorrect orders and may even eliminate them!

Scanco offers more great products for barcoding scanning, warehouse automation, and warehouse operations. We’d love to talk to you about your business and how we can help you make your warehouse more efficient.

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