Warehouse Automation: Sage 100 Enhances Growth through Automation

warehouse automationWarehouse automation with Sage 100 enhances your company’s growth by improving pick speed and reducing errors. With warehouse automation software such as Sage 100, you can locate bins quickly, automate pick and pack, and save a great deal of time and money by reducing human error.

Before Warehouse Automation 

If your warehouse prior to automation is like the typical warehouse, you have metal racks reaching to the ceiling, sometimes soaring 10, 15, or 20 feet high. Ladders must be rolled back and forth among the stacks to reach bins or shelves. People scurry up and down ladders all day picking items based on inventory manifests. Time is often wasted as people have to move equipment, load carts with items, and manually move items around the warehouse.

There’s little room for growth or expansion because the people working in the warehouse physically can’t move any faster. Unless you hire more workers or move to a larger space, you’re at capacity.

After Warehouse Automation 

Sage 100 warehouse automation means that many tasks formerly conducted by hand can now be automated through a combination of integrated software and handheld scanners. Mobile scanning technology that now runs off of smartphones enables companies to convert phones into scanners, while existing scanners can still be used to run new automation software.

One function that can be automated with Scanco Warehouse 100 is paperwork. Papers that were once carried out to the warehouse, such as packing slips, can now be accessed via the handheld device. Real-time information exchange enables companies to quickly access data on orders, fulfillment, and shipping times. Other features, including stock locators and barcode scanning, help your team move quickly through the warehouse, automating many previously manual activities with their new Sage 100 warehouse management software.

Put the Paper Away 

If your warehouse runs off of paper-based reports, it’s time to put the paper away and turn to your new Sage 100 warehouse automation and management software for help. Mobile warehouse management and automation means that your smartphone becomes your key business tool. Cloud-based data enables real-time access no matter where you are—in the warehouse or in the office, in the car or at a customer’s business location. Data is accessed through the internet, so your information travels with you.

In the past, many warehouses worked from a paper chain that begin with paperwork in with raw goods and ended with packing slips out with the finished order. Now such paperwork can be reduced to one or two steps rather than throughout the order with sophisticated automation tools like Sage 100.

Scanco Warehouse 100 

Scanco’s Sage 100 warehouse automation tool runs on Windows, Android, and iOS devices, so you have a choice of using smartphones, tablets, or other devices to access your data. It can even run on a desktop. Because you can mix and match your hardware choices or repurpose existing hardware, implementation costs can be easily controlled. You don’t have to invest in costly new equipment throughout your warehouse.

Another great feature of Scanco’s Sage 100 warehouse automation is that, in conjunction with ONE Software, Scanco Warehouse automates bin tracking. You’ll always know where products and bins are throughout your warehouse, making it faster than ever to locate materials for an order.

Lastly, Scanco software builds flexible systems that meet our customers’ needs. We know that no two warehouses are exactly alike. Each company and industry has unique requirements. We work with you to build the warehouse automation and management solution that helps your business the most.

Warehouse Management Systems from Scanco 

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