Voice Computing Emerging in Warehouse Automation

voice computingVoice computing has finally taken off. Voice has replaced touch screens as the next big shift in the way people interact with computers. One of the hot gifts last Christmas was Amazon Echo controlled by Alexa who can do everything from control smart appliances, answer questions, and tell jokes. Apple’s Siri handles over 2 billion commands a week and 20% of Google searches on Android platforms are input by voice.

Voice has the power to transform computing by providing a natural means of interaction. (Economist)

Voice computing is significantly more reliable than in the past. Computers can recognize almost anyone’s speech dependably without training. This is due to the power of “deep learning,” an artificial-intelligence technique in which a software system is trained using millions of voice examples.

Sage 100 Warehouse Automation Using Voice Computing

Scanco Warehouse 100 now offers hands-free barcoding accessories that can significantly enhance productivity in the warehouse. Voice activation enables workers to complete barcoding projects quickly and while handling other materials, so you don’t have to have someone tied up with a scanner or other equipment. Voice-activation makes it fast and simple. 

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