Voice-Activated Inventory Barcode System for Acumatica

: inventory barcode systemIn the past, we used to interact with computers using DOS. Then we got pretty icons and menus (thank goodness!), then we got touchscreens … and now we have voice. And since voice-activated software is so convenient, user adoption is skyrocketing. Learn how your business can take advantage of the hottest voice-activated inventory barcode system for Acumatica.

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What Is Voice-Activated Software?

If you thought “Dragon Dictate” when you heard the words “voice activated,” we wouldn’t blame you if you cringed a little. While Dragon is a lot better these days, many of us remember the hours of voice training the dictation program used to require before it was usable.

That’s all changed.

Now, not only do software programs have extremely high accuracy levels in listening to and interpreting voice commands, there’s a strong possibility you’ve used voice-activation software today.

Have you talked to Siri on your iPhone? Called out for information from Google on your Droid? Perhaps you have a Google Home or an Amazon Echo? It may surprise you to learn that these are all voice-activated technologies, and Americans are adopting these solutions at astronomical rates.

In fact, according to a recent article by the Economist, 20% of Google searches on Android are input by voice and Apple’s Siri handles more than two billion voice-activated commands each week.

Does Voice-Activated Software Have a Business Use?

You betcha. Not only am I typing this article right now using the voice-activated dictation features in Microsoft Word (hit the Fn key twice to access them on your Word program), voice activation can also come in handy in your warehouse and manufacturing operations. If you’re running Acumatica Cloud ERP, you’ll be pleased to learn that they’re taking advantage of voice-driven computing in a big way.

This past winter at Acumatica Summit 2017, Jon Roskill, the CEO of Acumatica, co-presented an astonishing information lookup session using Amazon’s Alexa (Echo). After integration, Alexa was able to access ERP data within a sample business run by Acumatica, providing real-time inventory data by voice in answer to the question: “Alexa, ask Acumatica how many laptops do we have in stock?”

The Alexa integration example is a huge advancement in the world of voice activation… but it only works if you’re willing to carry the rather sizable Amazon Echo around with you through the warehouse.

If you want voice-activated integration with your handheld, mobile inventory barcode system, Scanco has you covered.

That’s right, Scanco has rolled out voice-activation for our industry-leading inventory barcode system that works with iOS, Android, and Windows devices, which means that your employees will now have the power to receive and send up-to-date information, hands free, from anywhere on the warehouse floor.

In addition, since your employees’ voices will be captured by the impressive “deep learning” AI technology modern voice recognition software employs, spoken voice commands won’t require any training and each device will be able to understand and respond to any employee.

Supercharge Your Inventory Barcode System with Voice Activation from Scanco Voice

Say goodbye to the days of text-based data entry and access, and say hello (literally) to the exciting new world of your ERP-integrated voice-activated inventory barcode system. Scanco Voice features work with all integrated Scanco ERPs, including Acumatica Cloud ERP, Sage 100, and NetSuite ERP.

For the past 28 years, the Scanco team has dedicated themselves to making warehouse work easier using barcoding systems. Contact the warehouse automation team at Scanco to learn more about how Scanco Voice can help you.

If you’re a Sage ERP user, you can see Scanco Voice in action this year at Sage Summit, happening May 9-11, 2017 in Atlanta.