Using Scanco Cloud for Warehouse Management

warehouse managementWarehouse management can be complicated. You may have barcode scanners, barcode printers, material handling automation, ERP, and WMS. There is a way to manage this complexity and improve your warehouse efficiency. Scanco Cloud is made specifically to integrate warehouse technology, connect to the Scanco Warehouse Suite for warehouse automation, and integrate with your Sage 100 enterprise resource planning system.

The cloud is revolutionizing warehouse management by providing complete visibility of your warehouse in real time. You can have access to inventory and the ability to enter purchase and sales orders from any location, including small, remote facilities through mobile devices. Cloud applications are flexible and scalable. You can access as much power as you need to accommodate seasonal spikes, changes in demand, and a growing operation.

Scanco is committed to providing our customers with the best technology for warehouse management. By creating our own cloud platform, we have ensured that our customers have everything they need for true success. Scanco Cloud makes it possible for Scanco users to connect their Sage 100 warehouse management solutions to the Cloud via any iOS, Android, or Windows mobile device. With remote access to the Scanco Warehouse suite and seamless integration to Sage 100 ERP, Scanco Cloud enables users to access their warehouse at any time, from anywhere. Scanco Cloud features true plug and play compatibility with barcode scanning attachments so users can experience full warehouse automation within their Sage 100 mobile apps.

Discover how Scanco can help you make warehouse management easier. Contact us today to learn more about Scanco Cloud and our Sage 100 mobile warehouse management apps.