Track Your Service Truck Inventory with Mobile Field Service App

mobile field serviceDo you need to track your fleet of service vehicles and their inventory so that you know who should be sent to the next service job? It can be difficult to choose the best route for service when you don’t know where your service technicians and your inventory are. With Scanco Service, a mobile field service application, you can track your service trucks. This can lead to lower costs and improved customer satisfaction.


Optimize service routes. When you know where your trucks and inventory are located, you can choose the best route which will lower fuel costs and vehicle maintenance.

Improve customer satisfaction. You can respond to customer needs more quickly and with more accuracy. Not only do you improve your technician’s productivity, but you increase customer satisfaction.

Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use and misuse. If you have drivers that are using their vehicles for personal use, any accidents can still negatively affect your fleet. You will know where your vehicles are at all times to eliminate unnecessary expense and liability.

Increase security. You can track stolen trucks and merchandise translating to savings on insurance policies and preventing loss of vehicles.

Streamline billing. Because you can easily track the amount of time the field service representative spent on the job and that time is sent automatically to your billing system, your service billing records will be more accurate.

Start managing your mobile field service organization better with Scanco Service. Scanco Service works with IOS and Android mobile devices and integrates directly with Scanco Warehouse and your Sage 100 software solution. Call us today to begin making your mobile field service more efficient.