Tips to Help You Choose the Right Barcoding Solution

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Barcoding can bring significant value to your warehouse. While some companies are hesitant to implement the new technology, many are willing to make the transition but are unsure of how to begin the process. Over the years, we have helped countless companies choose the right barcoding solution for their specific needs. Because we have seen both sides of the barcode equation, we believe that we can provide you with some crucial insight to help you choose the perfect barcoding solution for your warehouse or distribution center.

Before you begin even looking at barcoding solutions, you need to know your industry. In order to make an educated decision about barcodes and the equipment you require, you will need to have an understanding of the industry in which you will be working. Many people feel they understand barcoding because they’ve seen it in action in retail; however, barcoding in the warehousing industry is different from barcoding in retail. Knowing the differences between the two and discovering what is required in the warehouse industry is crucial before selecting a barcoding solution.

Today’s customer expect retailers to deliver products quickly and are looking for an interactive relationship with their retailers. In order to fulfill customer demands and expectations, you will need to have a smooth warehousing, shipping, and receiving process in place. This is where barcoding comes into the picture. With the right barcode solution, you can provide your customers with information in real-time and deliver their orders faster than ever.

In order to choose the right barcoding solution, however, you will need to be aware of your specific needs. Every manufacturing and distribution company has unique needs when it comes to barcoding. Don’t make the mistake of investing the wrong solution for your company!

For companies who need access to real-time information, wireless technology is the way to go. Wireless barcoding devices (commonly referred to as barcode scanners) are used to track data as it goes in and out of the warehouse. Once the barcode scanner captures the necessary information, the data is sent directly to the company’s ERP or warehouse management system. Sales teams and upper management can then view the information in real-time in the company’s system and better report on their findings.

Once you’ve determined what you need out of a barcoding solution (and how you intend to use it), you need to have a plan for investment. How much are you willing to spend on your barcode implementation? While the technology is not cheap, it does provide a rapid return on investment (ROI). In fact, the average company can earn the money back in the time period of 6 months to a year. That’s a quick return!

When it comes time to choosing your barcoding solution and solution provider, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I hope to improve by implementing a barcoding solution? List your expectations and requirements, and then choose your solution based on the top requirements in this list.
  • Does this barcode solution provider offer the services I need?
  • Is this barcode solution provider certified to meet the needs of manufacturing and distribution companies? Check their credentials prior to investing in any solution. If they have no experience working with companies in your industry, look elsewhere.
  • Does this barcode solution provider offer a variety of services so I don’t have to shop around for support? If a solution provider can meet all of your needs (implementation, on-going support, etc.), stick with them. Take our word for it – it’s a pain to have to use multiple providers for a variety of services.

Here at Scanco, we understand barcoding. That’s why we provide Sage 100 barcoding (formerly MAS 90 barcoding and MAS 200 barcoding) and Sage 500 barcoding (formerly MAS 500 barcoding) products to meet the needs of manufacturers and distributors. We not only offer capable products, but we also offer on-going support and are continuously developing new applications to help you take advantage of all your barcoding solution has to offer. We offer Sage 100 barcoding software configuration (formerly MAS 90 / 200 barcoding software configuration) and Sage 500 barcoding software configuration (formerly MAS 500 barcoding software configuration), in addition to our barcoding implementation services. Contact our barcoding solution experts today to learn how our company can help deliver the best barcoding experience.

Have you recently adopted a barcoding solution? How has your experience been thus far? Share your story in the comments section below this post!