Three Things Hindering Your Warehouse Automation Efforts

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As we have previously discussed on our blog, companies are constantly looking for ways to automate their warehouse processes and improve upon efficiency. If you are like most companies, you have probably already begun the warehouse automation process. Whether that includes installing barcoding software for your Sage 100 or Sage 500 ERP solution or investing in a warehouse management system, you are well on your way to warehouse automation.

Over the years, our customers have contacted us to learn why their warehouse automation efforts are not paying off the way they thought they would. As we looked at each customer’s warehouse and processes, we discovered that it’s not the new systems that aren’t working, but the old. Consider the following top three things that may be hindering your warehouse automation efforts and learn how to overcome them to achieve full warehouse automation.

  1. You are not sufficiently utilizing the space in your warehouse, or your warehouse layout is poorly planned.
    Warehouses require constant time and attention to stay organized. While the layout of your warehouse may have worked perfectly one year ago, it may not work today. That’s the reality of the constantly changing economy and evolving customer demands. Inefficient layouts, poor space planning, and inadequate equipment are the most common killers of warehouse efficiency.If you want to achieve full warehouse automation, you cannot rely on new technology alone. You need to reassess your warehouse layout periodically and make sure that your warehouse is organized. By taking the time to reorganize your layout floor, you are freeing up valuable time spent in inefficiencies.
  2. Your processes are redundant.
    Look at your current warehouse processes and check for any redundancies. If you have any redundant processes, eliminate them immediately. Most redundancies can be eliminated by implementing a barcoding or other automated system.
  3. You have inventory inaccuracies.
    Inventory inaccuracies can wreak havoc on a warehouse. Whether you are automated or not, you need to have an accurate count of your inventory at all times. The lack of visibility can be detrimental to your profitability and result in under-and-over ordering items. Over-ordering items can clutter your warehouse and result in inefficiencies. Under-ordering can become costly and result in unmet deadlines. While warehouse automation software systems may be costly at first, they will help alleviate the costs associated with inventory inaccuracies. Consider investing a barcoding or warehouse management solution to solve your inventory problems.

Our Sage 100 barcoding and Sage 500 barcoding solutions are designed to help alleviate the challenges associated with warehouse automation. Contact us today to learn more about these warehouse management products.

If your company is experiencing challenges with warehouse automation, share your experiences below. If you have overcome any of the above challenges, let us know in the comments section.