The Many Benefits of Sage 100 Mobile Sales

Sage 100 mobile salesCompanies that provide their sales force with competitive products and tools reap the most benefits. That goes for mobile sales tools such as Scanco Sales, a Sage 100 mobile sales app. These tools enable your sales team to become a literal “office on the go,” seeing customers, updating information, taking payments and more with the same robust tools they once only accessed in the office.

The many benefits of mobile sales include:

  • Updating information on the go: No more waiting until you’re back in the office to update all the information in the database. Now your sales team can type in a quick update right from the client’s office or warehouse.
  • Full information at their fingertips: Nothing is missing from the client information available to your sales team. They’ve got the big picture in front of them without lugging around a huge old-fashioned briefing book.
  • Payments: Now your team can actually take payments, too! Sage 100 mobile sales facilitate payment options so that clients can pay when they order. It’s a convenience that makes mobile sales a great tool.
  • Demos: Sage 100 mobile sales also lets your team access multiple demonstration media right from their devices. They can show demo videos on how to use products, sales brochures, and more. It saves a great deal of time when sales can show such materials immediately and not have to email or send them out later.

With so many benefits, what are you waiting for? Scanco Sales, Sage 100 mobile sales app, from Scanco offers excellent benefits for your business.

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