The Benefits of Investing in a Barcode Solution

As we discussed last month, barcode labeling can improve your profitability, productivity and warehouse efficiency, helping you achieve your goals for warehouse automation. Before you can begin labeling your products with barcodes, you need to invest in a barcode solution (or wireless warehouse management system).

Barcode technology links warehouse workers to the warehouse management system’s server where activities are recorded via a handheld scanning device.  This device tells employees where to go to pick up, put away count or move products within the warehouse. Designed to give companies better control over the movement and storage of materials in their warehouses, barcode scanners can maximize efficiency, optimize the layout of the warehouse so workers know where goods are stored at all times, and improve customer service.

Barcode scanning solutions also allow warehouse staff to streamline workflow. When an employee ID is entered, the scanning device shows the next batch of product to be picked up according to priority. The barcode scanner then directs the picker to the specified location within the warehouse. The product’s barcode is scanned into the system, and the device confirms that the correct item has been picked in the correct quantity.

Once the barcode data has been scanned, it is entered into the warehouse management system. The barcode label contains a massive amount of data to be entered into the system, including measurements, warehouse location, the number of products in a box, the number of boxes on a pallet, storage conditions, and real-time information for picking and receiving orders.

Barcode scanners not only offer greater efficiency and accuracy to the business, but they also increase pick rates, decrease the amount of errors made, and accurately forecast a warehouse’s resources and demands. Scanco offers several different barcode solutions based on your software needs. Click here to view your options for Sage 100 barcoding (formerly MAS 90 barcoding and MAS 200 barcoding) software and Sage 500 barcode (formerly MAS 500 barcoding) software.