Successful Automation Apps for Sage 100c / Sage 100 (f/k/a MAS 90 and 200)

Sage 100cAutomation apps for Sage 100c / Sage 100 (f/k/a MAS 90 and 200) can help your sales team improve their performance and productivity. These apps can be used to:

  • Schedule impromptu meetings: GPS location capabilities along with contact data helps you find clients and prospects quickly. Schedule lunch meetings, quick visits and more. Maximize your time traveling by using every second to talk to clients and prospects.
  • Comprehensive catalog on demand: It’s impossible to know when a client will want to see every product in your catalog. Carrying around printed books is so old-fashioned! But a catalog on demand via an app is brilliant. It enables you to show more and sell more. Scanco Sales for Sage 100c / Sage 100 (f/k/a MAS 90) provides up-to-date pricing and inventory levels of all your items.
  • Close more sales: Mobile apps have built-in tools to produce quotes, generate orders, capture signatures, and automated emails. It’s a great tool to close more sales quickly.

The more time you can save for your sales team, the more sales they can close. That means more revenues for your company. Isn’t it time to explore automation apps for Sage 100 c?

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