Scanco’s Story: How We’ve Moved from Warehouse Automation to Full Warehouse Management

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Warehouse-Automation-Warehouse-ManagementFor over 20 years, Scanco has been the leader in warehouse automation technology, delivering quality automation products into the hands of manufacturers and distributors across the U.S. Since the beginning, we have focused our attention on helping our clients improve their operational efficiency so they can reap the benefits of all their hard work instead of watching their money go down the drain due to overwhelming inefficiencies and overhead costs. Those years have taught us a lot about the warehouse, particularly highlighting the challenges many of our customers still experience after they have automated their operation. For larger, more advanced warehouse operations, warehouse automation is not enough; they need a more sophisticated solution to successfully master the everyday tasks required of their operation.

That’s why we’ve moved from automation to full-blown warehouse management.

We see the need for a complete warehouse management solution, a solution designed to help you not only automate your warehouse but to improve the everyday management of your warehouse as well. Our years of experience in automation have led us to develop the most advanced enterprise technology out there. Scanco Enterprise, an advanced enterprise Sage 100 solution, gives you the functionality you need to manage your warehouse and manage it well – without having to relying on 10 different systems to get the job done.

Stay tuned to our blog this month to learn more about how we are moving from warehouse automation to warehouse management, and what it means for you.