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From Warehouse Automation to Warehouse Management and Beyond

When our company first began over 20 years ago, our main focus was on innovation. Intrigued by the barcode and what it could do to transform the warehouse and inventory management, we dedicated the first half of our company’s life to perfecting our barcoding solutions and providing warehouses with gains in both efficiency and profitability. Until recently, our products have focused on delivering warehouse automation into the hands of manufacturers and distributors around the United States.

Today, we have expanded our focused to include the bigger warehouse picture. Our newest solutions are more comprehensive in nature, providing our customers with the same automation features they’ve come to know and love from Scanco along with new warehouse management, sales and service features designed to take operations to the next level. Our customers no longer get just an inventory management system or just a warehouse management solution. Instead, they receive a comprehensive solution to address all of their warehouse, sales and service related needs.

Warehouse, Sales and Service Housed Under One Roof

Traditionally, warehouse management, sales and service management are managed in separate systems and departments. While the separation of the departments makes sense from an operational standpoint, maintaining disparate systems with no easy way to share information across the company has only added to the inefficiencies companies face. In order to reduce inefficiencies, improve visibility across the supply chain, and serve their customers well, manufacturers and distributors need to link their warehouse management system with their sales and service solutions.

Over the past few years, we’ve observed the need for a comprehensive solution and have been working to provide our clients with a streamlined approach to warehouse management, sales and service management. Our most recent product releases – Scanco Enterprise, Scanco Service and Scanco Sales – are geared toward helping manufacturers and distributors unite these separate departments so they can operate more intelligently and provide the best service for their customers. The pairing of these similar yet unique departments enables companies to see the whole picture and make the best decisions for the company as a whole.

The Benefits of Uniting Warehouse Management with Sales and Service

When you unite your warehouse management software with your sales and service software, you are suddenly able to see things you’ve never seen before. By providing your sales and service departments with information about the warehouse, you are setting them up for success. Your sales personnel have the information they need to accurately quote and estimate product delivery times, and your service technicians are able locate the necessary parts in the warehouse and complete jobs faster as a result. Take a look at just a few of the benefits gained from pairing warehouse management with sales and service management:

  • Full warehouse visibility – Sales reps and service techs can view inventory and order status and provide the customer with an accurate estimate and/or update.
  • Seamless information sharing – The applications communicate with one another, allowing you to view inventory information, current sales orders and service schedules on the same solution.
  • Increased sales – When warehouse management, sales and field service management are paired, sales representatives have all the information they need when pitching a sale, improving their chances at closing the deal.
  • Improved efficiency – With integrated warehouse management, sales and service, you no longer have to hunt down the right person for the right information. It’s all available in your Sage 100 ERP system and accessible on your mobile device.

Interested in finding out how you can link warehouse management, sales and field service? Give us a call today!