Scanco Warehouse for Sage 100 Helps Automate Bin Location and Other Time Savers

Scanco Warehouse for Sage 100Sage 100 offers many benefits, but one important benefit is helping your workers become more productive. Workers spend countless hours trying to find information in the warehouse. That includes finding products for pick, pack, and ship. With Scanco’s Sage 100 automated bin location service and other features, your staff can save a lot of time during the workday, leading to enhanced productivity.

Using Sage 100 for Automated Bin Location

Even in a modest-sized warehouse, finding the products you need for pick, pack, and ship can be challenging. Sage 100 warehouse mobility makes it easy to use your smartphone for fast and easy bin location. When used with ONE software, Scanco Warehouse gives you an easy way to track warehouse locations for your bins. It can speed up order fulfillment for your entire business. It can also help you view stock levels and other important inventory data.

About Scanco

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