An advanced solution designed specifically for your advanced warehouse needs. By combining the best in automation technology, we’ve designed a suite of functionality that can be put to the test.

Finally a barcoding solution as rugged as you are.

All the powerful features of Warehouse but with added functionality for a rugged and technologically advanced warehouse.

We know many manufacturers and distributors who would love to move to a mobile warehouse management solution, but they just cannot make it work in their current warehouse environments. Scanco Enterprise was designed to solve this challenge and arm these companies with a mobile warehouse management solution that works for them.

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Feature No.

01. RMA

Receive returned warehouse items seamlessly with the RMA module included in Scanco Enterprise.

Feature No.

02. Inventory Adjustments

Allows users to create an Inventory Adjustment on their mobile device.

Feature No.

03. Pack List Printing

Allows printing of a pack list from a mobile device to a selected printer.

Feature No.

04. Pallet Tracking with ACS Multi-Bin

Tracking pallets have never been easier. Allow your users to build pallets on the fly and transfers pallets from one bin to another to gain an even more simplistic approach to track goods.

ACS Standard Multi-bin is now FREE for all Sage 100 users!

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Feature No.

05. Auto Update

Say goodbye to peak downtime by utilizing the new auto update functionality. Scanco’s software updates automatically giving you the freedom to use latest releases instantly.

Feature No.

06. Dashboard

Retain a high level view of your warehouse operation like never before. With the dashboard you can see where your inventory is real time.

Feature No.

07. Warehouse Reporting

  • Seamlessly Integrates into Sage 100 ERP
  • Quick and easy report generator Multiple filter options to view pertinent data
  • View individual user activity
  • Easy access to:
  • Receiving
  • Physical counts
  • Inventory transfers & receipts & Inventory issues
  • Shipping activity
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly view of transactions processed in the warehouse

Feature No.

08. Notifications

  • Management has the capability to message any users for pertinent information regarding what he or she needs to do in the warehouse.
  • Notifies user when new SO or PO is added to Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 software and MAS 200 software).
  • Have the ability to select specific users to create pick lists on the fly and message them.

Feature No.

09. Bill of Materials

  • Production entry batching
  • Multiple production warehouses
  • Standard bills
  • Kit bills
  • Multiple revisions
  • Back-Flushing

Feature No.

10. Advanced Shipping

  • By bundling together an array of robust features, your warehouse will operate more efficiently than ever and have a high level of control over inventory. Advanced Shipping works seamlessly with Scanco Warehouse Enterprise.
  • WAVE/ORDER PICKING. Directed picking guides the user through the warehouse by bin location for all items on single or multiple Sales Orders. The user stages each of the SO or items picked within a specified bin location.
  • INVOICE PICKING. After entering the Sales Order and items picked, this information will send back to Sage Invoice Data Entry. This module is used in conjunction with Scanco Wave Picking and Order Picking.
  • DIRECTED SHIPPING. Multi-order directed shipping guides the user through the warehouse by bin location once for all items on multiple Sales Orders and sent to Sage Shipping Data Entry.
  • QUICK PICK. Single order picking for all items in all warehouse codes. Allocations are created in the bin where items are picked, allowing you to pack items and ship them from either Scanco Shipping, Scanco Ship Picked, Scanco Invoicing or Sage Shipping Data Entry.
  • CONFIRM PICK. Multi-order directed picking confirms the quantities picked, guides the user through the warehouse by bin location and transfers pre-allocated items from one/multiple bin location into one bin location.
  • COMPATIBILITY WITH ACS MULTI-BIN. The power and flexibility gained

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