Sage Mobility for Barcode Makes Onboarding Easier

Sage mobility for barcodeDid you know that training a new employee takes nearly 3 months? According to the Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, training a single new employee typically takes more than 65 hours of work and nearly 3 months for the employee to reach full productivity. A new technology solution called Sage Mobility for Barcode can make training easier by providing on-the-go resources for employees throughout your operations or in the field. Instead of spending time training your employees, they can find the answers they need right in the tool they’re using.

Sage Mobility for Barcode is an easy-to-use app that integrates seamlessly with Sage 100cloud. It can help you with:

  • Sales—quotes, invoices, payments
  • Inventory–—physical and cycle counts, reviews, freezing
  • Warehouse—receiving, picking, shipping
  • Manufacturing—labor tracking, work orders, quality control
  • Field Service—dispatching, real-time work status, invoicing

Sage Mobility for Barcode makes it easy to train new employees. Because it is an app, it runs on a smartphone, and it feels natural and easy for employees to use it. This shortens the training time.

If you hire a lot of seasonal workers or temporary workers, anything you can do to shorten the time it takes to train new employees is a great investment. Sage Mobility for Barcode offers a terrific training solution that saves you time and money.

For more information, contact Scanco or call us at (330) 645-9959 so you can set up your demo and see Sage Mobility for Barcode in action.