Sage MAS ERP: A Smart Start to the New Year

Sage MASSage MAS ERP can give your factory a smart start to the new year. Not only does it automate many of the information needs you may have, it also helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the supply chain. It also receives industry-level updates to help you stay in touch with your field. It’s a smart start to the new year!

Real-Time Information

Sage MAS offers real-time information, the best way to view every aspect of your company. From reviewing supply chain information to assessing how many people you need on the shop floor today and tomorrow, Sage MAS provides the information to help you make smart choices.

Optimize Information and Equipment

To date, many manufacturers have focused on optimizing equipment rather than on data. That’s changing as powerful software, the Internet of Things (IoT) and other innovations provide more data on every aspect of the manufacturing operation than at any time in the history of the industry.

You can optimize both information and equipment now thanks to ERP systems and manufacturing automation software. It’s not enough to maximize equipment use. You must also maximize labor, capital, and other facets of manufacturing to improve productivity.

With MAS 90, you have what you need to get off to a smart start in the New Year. Now you aren’t limited to just the information you can find on any given day. Real-time updates, increased data access and more turn manufacturing automation into a pleasure.

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