Sage 100 Mobile Sales Tips: How to Get the Most Function Out of Your Sales App

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Sage-100-Mobile-SalesDoes your salesforce use their smartphones to complete routine sales work? Are they using mobile apps to connect to your company’s ERP system to find the information they need, streamline the order process or check customer histories? If not, they should be.

Mobile technology has transformed the way the sales industry functions. While it has always been a highly mobile industry, sales personnel were never able to process orders or connect to business systems while they were out in the field. They would make the connections, write down the information they needed, and then head back to the office to process the orders and enter the customer data into the company’s ERP or CRM system.

Today, however, sales teams have access technology that simplifies and streamlines the entire process. Smartphones and tablets provide sales personnel with the tools they need to do their jobs on the go. Eliminating the need to rush back to the office to finish an order, pull up a client’s contact information, or grab a product brochure, smartphones and mobile sales applications allow sales teams to get more done so they can meet their sales goals. For the modern day business, a mobile sales solution is a must.

How to Get the Most Out of Sage 100 Mobile Sales Apps

When we first released Scanco Sales, our Sage 100 mobile sales app designed for iOS and Android, fully mobile sales solutions were just barely starting to gain momentum in the market. Today, mobile sales applications are a must-have for any company wishing to increase their sales, expand their customer base or improve their customer service, but it’s not just enough to have the application. In order to see true benefits, you need to know how to use the app to achieve your goals.

We’ve created a few tips to help you get the most out of our Sage 100 mobile sales app and start achieving a high return on investment for your purchase and your efforts. Here is everything you need to know to master Scanco’s Sage 100 mobile sales application:

  1. Enter as much information about the customer as possible, as soon as possible. Sure, you already save the customer or prospect’s name and phone number in your contact list, but how helpful is this information in the long-run? In order to capitalize on your interactions, you need to capture details about the conversation and their interest in your products in addition to their name and number. Waiting until you get back to the office only increases your chance of forgetting important information, so enter it into the Sage 100 mobile sales app while you’re with the customer (or sooner after). Scanco Sales will automatically sync the information to Sage 100, so you and the back office have all the information you need to follow up with the customer or prospect at a later date.
  2. Respond to customers in a timely manner. Our Sage 100 mobile sales app allows you to interact with your customers on the go and will even send you alerts when you have a message or request. Make sure to respond to customers as quickly as possible. This will not only improve your customer satisfaction, but it will also simplify sales processes and allow you to capture sales faster.
  3. Update information as you go so sales and the back office has the information they need to quickly process orders or follow up with leads. Scanco Sales provides you with the ability to instantly access Sage 100 through the app and update any file or database needed. As you meet with potential clients or complete orders, enter the information into the app so it can quickly be passed on to the appropriate channels.
  4. If you are not using demonstrations to pitch products, start using them. You can access all types of product collateral within our Sage 100 mobile sales apps, including videos. If your company has video demonstrations of your products, pull them up through the app and let your customer see the product in action. You’d be amazed at the results a simple video can bring to your sales figures.
  5. Take payments directly on your smartphone or tablet. Yes, with Sage 100 mobile sales, you can take payments too. This eliminates the need to send an invoice or make arrangements for payment in the future. If you make a sale, you have the capability to complete and capture payment for that sale too.
  6. Keep an eye on inventory. One of the coolest features of Scanco Sales has to be its inventory checking feature. You can pull up your company’s inventory records directly from the app and let your customer know if the product is in stock and when they can expect it at their doorstep. You can even make inventory requests straight from your phone.
  7. Automate every process you can. Sales automation is crucial to improving your sales performance. If you are not utilizing every feature within our Sage 100 mobile sales app, you need to get to know the solution better. Watch training videos on Scanco University or ask other sales reps what they do to further automate their sales processes. This will help you achieve the greatest ROI out of the application.

Are your sales teams currently using smartphones and/or tablets out in the sales fields? What tips would you add to help others further utilize of mobile sales apps? We’d love to hear your thoughts!