Sage 100 Mobile Sales and Field Service Boosts Productivity

Sage 100 mobileManufacturers and distributors are streamlining operations by offering cloud technology such as Sage 100 mobile sales and field service apps. They are improving collaboration and increasing productivity. Shorter time to market, faster incorporation of customer feedback and improvements throughout the organization ca lead to better productivity, profits, and customer satisfaction.

Sage 100 Mobile Sales

Sales departments have always relied on data to boost productivity. Feedback on sales calls made, calls completed, leads, and sales fuel sales reports. With cloud technology such as Scanco’s Sage 100 mobile sales app you have a powerful ally in your goal to boost sales.

Cloud platforms enable you to manage both direct and indirect sales channels from one dashboard. You can now track individual, group, and divisional progress towards goals and sales quotas in real time. Sales managers can also use cloud-based systems to assess the profitability of each deal. The resulting data gives your sales team the impetus to strive for and achieve their goals.

Mobile Field Service

Not to be outdone, mobile field service also benefits from cloud-based solutions. Cloud applications such as Scanco Service improve customer service and support and integrate customer and product data into one system.

Scanco offers Sage 100 mobile apps for sales and field service as well as for manufacturing and warehouse operations. To learn more, contact us.