Sage 100 Mobile Field Service and Sales Improves the Customer Experience

mobile field serviceMany customer relationship systems focus only on sales, leaving other departments in the dark about customer information. Legacy CRM systems act as if they are a “sales only” club with no, or limited, integration with other business software.

What if you could have a mobile system that not only includes sales capabilities but also provided real-time functionality for your field service personnel? And what if that system had seamless integration to your Sage 100 business and inventory data? A system that offers Sage 100 mobile field service and sales can offer value to your company in increased productivity and improved customer satisfaction.

The Value of Sage 100 Mobile Field Service and Sales Software

How can you quantify the value of such a system to your company? Forrester Research offers insight into how you can quantify the value of your customer relationship (CRM) system. Although the exact figures will vary according to your company’s revenues and expenses, you can estimate the value of an effective system by understanding three data points:

  • Revenue: How can improving the customer experience increase revenue? Think about opportunities for add-on sales and repeat orders. All of these lead to increased revenue.
  • Operating costs: Consider how much you’re spending now to monitor your customer interactions manually. If you have separate departments contacting the same customer, how much could you save if all customer data is entered only once?
  • Improve efficiencies: Older IT systems and CRM systems tend to cost more and more each year to manage. You may feel like you’re constantly patching, tweaking, and retooling what should work easily. New mobile field service and sales systems not only improve the customer experience; they can decrease IT costs by reducing inefficiencies.

Gathering these inputs, figuring out revenues versus expenses, and assessing the overall brand impact that improved customer service may make on your business isn’t a quick process. But a thorough examination of these facts may lead you to the conclusion that a new mobile sales and service system is indeed a valuable asset.

Integrated Mobile Field Service and Mobile Sales Systems Provide the Big Picture

The more you can integrate the different customer data inputs, the better the picture you’ll be able to paint of your individual customers. That can help everyone in your company do a better job exceeding customer expectations.

  • Accounting data will help your team understand the average dollar value of a customer and their purchasing history.
  • Return data shows you any problems they may have had with merchandise.
  • Sales, warehouse, and fulfillment data can show you the status of any open orders so that you can give customers an accurate shipping estimate.
  • Marketing data shows you which promotions were sent to customers and when.
  • Field Service will always have the latest information on customer orders and warehouse inventory.

Think about the great artists of the past. When they painted a masterpiece, they used colors from many different tubes or jars of paint. These are blended to create beautiful colors that, when used together, form a picture.

Your customer data is like a tube or jar of paint. Blended by a good customer relationship and warehouse system and used skillfully by employees, it can be used to paint a masterpiece that will enhance customer experience and transform complaints into satisfaction.

Mobile Field Service and Sales Solutions from Scanco

When you need a customer relationship system that integrates with Sage 100, consider Scanco Sales and Scanco Service. These Sage 100 mobile solutions will help you improve your customer relationships while improving field productivity. Contact us to learn more.