Sage 100 Barcoding Software Transforms Devices into Scanners

Sage 100 barcodingIf you’ve ever seen the movie “Transformers,” you’re familiar with the robots that can change shape into cars. Sage 100 barcoding software is like a transformer for your smartphone or tablet. It ‘transforms’ your device through the magic of software into a powerful handheld scanner, inventory manager, and more all in one.

Smartphone Scanning with Sage 100 Barcoding 

Barcodes greatly increase warehouse efficiency, inventory control, and accuracy of data. By scanning a barcode with a handheld device, you can instantly update inventory counts and data throughout your company’s system. There’s no more retyping data, and virtually no mistakes from data entry errors.

Smartphone scanning with Scanco Warehouse makes it even easier to use barcodes in your warehouse. Any handheld device that runs on Windows, Android, or iOS can be transformed into a scanner and efficiency tool all in one.

Scanners are also easy for your team to learn to use. It takes about an hour or two to train someone to use a scanner—much less time than it takes to train staff in older inventory control methods. There’s less to remember and fewer opportunities for mistakes. It improves efficiencies and accuracies throughout your company.

Warehouse Management Systems from Scanco 

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