Reduce Warehouse Costs with Sage 100 and Sage 500 Barcoding Software

reduce-costs-with-Sage-100-barcoding-softwareBarcode technology has brought warehouse management a long way. Barcoding has automated the picking and packing process and provided companies with the opportunity to track products as they enter and pass through the warehouse. To say barcoding is beneficial is an understatement; in today’s age, it has become almost a necessity.

Many warehouses today, however, have yet to use this technology to its full capacity and are missing out on key benefits, such as reducing costs and increasing control over the operation. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest cost-saving benefits your company could experience simply by adopting barcoding technology:

  • Barcoding solutions give you the ability to track employee performance so you can proactively think of ways to increase productivity in the warehouse.
  • Barcoding solutions decrease clerical costs for they reduce the need for manual data-entry functions. You will save money on paper, ink, and more.
  • Barcoding solutions help improve your overall inventory accuracy.
  • Barcoding solutions allow you to better schedule warehouse activities.
  • Barcoding solutions reduce the amount of errors due to improved inventory tracking and verification of activities.

Barcoding can be applied to any area of the warehouse to help reduce costs, including  receiving, putaway, replenishment, shipping, picking/packing, cycle counts, returns, and labor tracking. If your company is interested in adopting barcoding technology, we have several options for you to consider. The Automation Series for Sage 100 and Sage 500 provides you with complete warehouse automation for every level. Using barcode scanners, you can track and manage your products with ease. Scanco Warehouse and Scanco Counts offer you barcoding capabilities using a smartphone or tablet. These new mobile applications for iOS and Andriod allow you to experience the benefits of going mobile while adopting barcoding in the warehouse.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our barcoding solutions for Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 / MAS 200) and Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 500 ), feel free to give us a call today at 330-645-9959. Our barcoding experts are here to answer any and all of your questions!