Paperless Warehouse Management Can Be a Reality

warehouse managementWhen you make a decision to go paperless in 2016, you need to consider all of your daily operations and commit to eliminate paper in each area. Whether it is administration, warehouse operations, sales, or service, there are some general steps to take.



  1. Evaluate your current processes. Where do you currently use paper? What are ways that these processes and documents can be automated? Are you using barcoding for inventory automation?
  2. Consider new technology. How can new technology, for example mobile barcoding solutions, be used improve your processes? What new functionality can you gain by using these technologies?
  3. Gain commitment. In order for new processes to be effective, you will need commitment from management and employees.
  4. Install new technology. You may already have the technology you need to go paperless, but if you don’t you will need to evaluate your technology options and incorporate technology like mobile barcoding solutions into your systems.
  5. Implement changed processes. Follow a schedule to make the change as painless as possible. Start with those processes that offer the largest benefits.
  6. Evaluate. How are your new processes working? Are you seeing the benefits you expected? How can these processes be improved?

The paperless warehouse can be a reality when you automate all inventory functions. Here are just three areas that can be fully digitized.

  1. Organize, compile and manage your documents digitally
  2. Track your flow of goods from arrival to warehousing to shipping using mobile scanners and barcode technology
  3. Get rid of paper pick tickets and automate the picking process using mobile barcoding solutions

When you are ready to go paperless in your warehouse, Scanco has the products you need to make this goal a reality. Contact us to see what we have to offer in the latest digital and cloud technology for the warehouse.