Pairing Mobile Sales with Enterprise Warehouse Management Technology

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Why Mobile Sales and Advanced Enterprise Technology Need Each Other

Mobile-Sales-Enterprise-Warehouse-Management-TechnologyWhen you think about advanced enterprise warehouse management, you generally aren’t thinking about sales. For many people, sales and warehouse management are two distinct things – unrelated as far as each other is concerned. Relegated to two separate departments, sales and the warehouse generally are not pair together.

While your immediate reaction would be to separate sales from warehouse management (and vice-versa), the two actually have a symbiotic relationship. One cannot (and will not) exist without the other. They are co-existing entities, and – for the sake of the business – must work together to meet business goals and customer expectations.

Here at Scanco, we’ve been working for years to streamline the sales process and optimize collaboration between the sales department and the warehouse. We’ve seen the effects of inefficient sales processes on the warehouse and have solved the sales-related warehouse management challenges for many of our clients. We’ve created products to boost collaboration between the sales department and the warehouse and have seen the positive, long-term effects that collaboration produces.

The Need for Advanced Sales Collaboration in the Warehouse

For the advanced enterprise, having a capable sales solution is essential, whether you think it affects the warehouse or not. Sales generally occur outside of the office, meaning sales representatives have to wait to process and finalize orders until they return to their desk and can access the ERP system. This creates unnecessary delays in order fulfillment and data entry, as well as significant communication barriers. By providing sales reps with a way to connect to important information stored in the company’s ERP system while they are out in the field, you can boost your productivity and expedite the sales to fulfillment process.

Because advanced enterprise warehouses process so many sales orders a day, having instant updates on new sales is crucial. Our Sage 100 mobile sales (formerly MAS 90 mobile sales and MAS 200 mobile sales) solution provides the warehouse with real-time updates on Sales Orders so you can plan ahead and fulfill orders as quickly as possible. For companies whose customers rely on fast and immediate service, linking a mobile sales application with your warehouse management and ERP software is a must.

What Happens When the Warehouse and Sales Aren’t Communicating?

Now that you know why your warehouse needs sales visibility, let’s explore what happens when your sales department and the warehouse don’t communicate effectively. Say one of your sales representatives gets sick on the job and has to go home for the day. Since it’s in the middle of the afternoon, he has already made several visits and closed several sales deals. Because he cannot make it back to the office, he stuffs the written sales orders and customer information in his work bag to enter as soon as he gets back to the office.

Let’s say he is sick for several days and cannot come into the office to enter the sales data into the company’s ERP system. That puts the warehouse several days behind fulfilling the order, putting you at risk of missing the agreed upon deadline. To make matters worse, let’s say the customer calls to change their order or inquire about the status of their order. Because you do not have access to the order details, you have no way of answering the customers questions and risk the customer cancelling the order altogether.

While the above scenario is an extreme case, the fact of the matter is the warehouse relies on real-time communication from the sales department in order to fulfill orders in a quick and timely manner. Without this communication, your business risks losing your most important customers (not to mention a large amount of profit).

For the first time ever, Scanco provides everything the advanced enterprise needs to succeed: mobile sales capabilities, warehouse automation tools, advanced warehouse management capabilities, mobile capabilities and (coming soon) field service mobility. Contact us to learn more about our Sage 100 remote sales solution and how you can pair it with advanced enterprise technology to receive a full-service business solution.

In the meantime, tell us a little bit about your current operation. Are you integrating any type of sales tools in the warehouse management process? Why or why not? How do you expect real-time sales visibility would impact your warehouse?