New Sage 500 App Makes Manual Entries a Thing of the Past

Sage 500The new apps for Sage 500 users make writing down stock counts or item numbers on pads of paper a thing of the past. These apps can be downloaded from common sources like iTunes or Google Play, and are compatible with Android and iOS systems. Once installed, they transform your phone into a barcode scanner and a portable inventory device. It’s an amazing transformation that makes manual entries a thing of the past.

Warehouse Best Practices Include Automation

Among most warehouse and manufacturing experts, all agree that automation is one of today’s most important best practices. Automating everything from receiving shipments to fulfilling orders reduces errors. It increases efficiency and shortens the time it takes to turn around orders, which improves customer satisfaction. Automation makes your business highly competitive in a shifting market.

Scanco Manufacturing for Sage 500: Robust Manufacturing Automation

Scanco now offers a Sage 500 application that’s perfect for manufacturers, Sage 500 Manufacturing. It can help you track both finished goods and raw materials so that you can monitor the entire supply chain from one system. Assess costs, adjust order cycles, and fulfill orders easily with real-time data.

If you are interested in Sage 500 Manufacturing, contact Scanco today. Our mission is to transform how companies handle manufacturing and warehouse management. We offer warehouse management software and support, barcoding software and label printing, and much more. Learn more about our services online or contact us.