Mobility Increases Productivity from the Warehouse to Sales to Field Service

Confident businessman with hands claspedMobile warehouse management apps have become a staple for manufacturers and distributors. From efficiency gains to more streamlined processes, mobile warehouse management apps provide companies with the technology they need to keep a firm handle on operations. Driven by the explosion of personal handheld devices, the usage of mobile devices is on the rise on the manufacturing floor, in the warehouse and in the field. There are tremendous benefits in implementing mobility, connected to an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, as a part of your warehouse management solution.

  • Better Business Intelligence: Using mobile devices to capture real-time data, enables business managers to make better decisions with more accurate data. They are able to manage any process from any location making decision-making more agile.
  • Saving Costs and Improving Efficiency: More accurate information can lead directly to improved efficiencies and lower costs. Real-time data enables managers in any location whether it is on the warehouse floor, in the front office, or in the field, to react and change inefficient or broken processes more quickly.
  • Increased Sales and Competitiveness: Putting information into the field enables greater responsiveness to customer needs. Using mobile devices, sales staff can check inventory and pricing, submit orders and take payment while at the customer site. This greatly increases order accuracy and reduces sales cycle time. Field service can receive work orders, track inventory, access service history and more while eliminating paper-based processes. Being more responsive to the customer increases customer satisfaction, the company‚Äôs competitiveness and sales.

From the warehouse to sales to field service, Scanco offers mobile warehouse management solutions that will help you be more productive. Contact us today to learn more.