Mobile Sales Product Catalogs Make It Easy to Showcase Items

Scanco SalesScanco Sales Makes Serving Customers Easier

Certain features in Scanco Sales make mobile sales easier, and help you showcase your best products. This includes the online catalog, a feature available in Scanco Sales that lets you show your entire product catalog with a touch of a button.

The attractive catalog provides field sales members with the opportunity to share information on specific products, but also with enough information to upsell additional products, if warranted. Because all product information is available at the touch of a button, it’s easier to suggest additional products to customers.

Customers may not be aware that certain products exist. Even customers who have been with your company for a long time probably haven’t seen your entire product line. Seeing everything you have to offer may be all that’s necessary to convince them to try something new or different with this order.

Selling is an art. A good sales person listens more than he talks. The more you can arm your sales people with great equipment and tools to do their jobs well, the better. Scanco Sales makes it easy for good salespeople to become great salespeople by empowering them with tools like the catalog that helps them support sales and service for their customers.

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