Mobile Field Service Strengthens Customer Relationships

Mobile field serviceWhen it comes to managing and maintaining customer data, the sales department typically has it down to a science. Because their jobs rely on their ability to connect with customers and potential clients on a personal level and sell the product well, sales representatives keep extensive notes about each encounter in a solution (or notebook) of their choosing. This customer information is typically limited to the sales department until someone comes around asking for it … and that someone is typically from the customer service department.

Customer service matters in today’s world; however, so many companies lack the tools and technology to set their mobile field service team up for success. With limited staff and even more limited information, today’s field service representatives struggle to keep up with customer inquiries, demands, and expectations. They are typically only provided with a piece of the puzzle when they need the full picture and are left hunting down the missing pieces when a customer calls in with a request or problem. Without access to transaction and service history, they are unable to serve your customers well in a timely manner.

However, technology exists to provide customer information to your mobile field service team. By providing mobile field service representatives with full customer and inventory data, companies are expanding the abilities of their field service team to improve service and increase customer satisfaction.

Scanco has the mobile field service tool you need to achieve greater efficiency and productivity out of the office. Scanco Service is a Sage 100 mobile application that will help your field service team be responsive to the customer.

  • Real-time access to Sage 100 customer and inventory data allow your field service team to solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Real-time tracking of truck inventory so they can reliably resolve customer issues.
  • Job Cost Integration with seamless integration to the Sage 100 job cost module.
  • GPS tracking so you know where your fleet is at all times.

Contact us to see how Scanco Service can help your mobile field service team strengthen relationships with your customers.