Mobile Field Service and Sales Makes for Happier Customers

mobile field serviceHow would you like your technology improvements to make customers happy? Usually, when companies implement new CRM systems, mobile sales order entry systems or mobile field service, customers don’t know the difference. But with Scanco Sales, Scanco Service, and inventory data synched to your mobile field service and sales technology, you can make your customers happy campers.

More Data, Better Answers 

Mobile sales staff needs access to data, and fast. They may be in an important client meeting when questions arise about prior orders. Where’s our order? How fast can we get it? What did we order the last time? These and other customer questions need accurate and swift answers. A prepared salesperson engenders confidence, which also solidifies future sales.

Think about the people in your life whom you trust. Are they the ones who don’t look you in the eye and can’t answer a straight question? Or are they the people who always speak the straight truth? Probably the latter.

The same goes for mobile field service and sales staff. Those who can look the customer in the eye and deliver the truth about their orders will get more orders because they create trust, but they can’t give answers to customers if they can’t access the data.

Access through Technology with Scanco Products 

Scanco sells products that enable sales and mobile service teams to answer questions and take orders quickly and easily no matter where they’re traveling. In the office or on the road, cloud-based Sage 100 solutions for mobile field staff can help them build bridges with clients that lead to more sales.

If you’re interested in learning more, we’d like to help. Our mission is to find and match the best technology to our client’s needs. Big warehouses or small ones, single units or mobile warehouses, we can help. Contact us today for more information.