Join us for a LIVE Webinar Exclusively for Sage 500 ERP Users

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Learn How to Optimize Sage 500 ERP with Automated Inventory Cycle Counts and a Streamlined Pick, Pack and Ship Process

Sage-500-inventory-management-webinarDate: Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Time: 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST

Location: Wherever you are!

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Calling all Sage 500 ERP (formerly MAS 500 ERP) users! Join us, ERPVAR, StarShip and CertiPro Solutions for an exclusive webinar on Wednesday, May 27th specifically for Sage 500 ERP users. During this webinar, we will present an advanced automated inventory cycle count, streamlined pick, pack and ship process for Sage 500 ERP. You will have the opportunity to hear from a variety of industry experts on shipping and inventory counting best practices so you can improve your processes and fully utilize your Sage 500 ERP system.

This webinar is designed with two key takeaways: to discover the benefits of integrating automated inventory cycle counts and to learn the benefits of an integrated and streamlined pick, pack and ship process. The following are just a few things you will learn during this live webinar:

The Benefits of Integrating Automated Inventory Cycle Counts in Sage 500 ERP

  • Seamless integration with Sage 500 ERP Physical Inventory programs
  • Simple implementation with single screen setup
  • Easy force counts to reconcile any disputes
  • Automated email notifications
  • Supports multiple warehouses and multiple companies with different cycle count schedules
  • Manages inventory Items Lifecycle

The Benefits of an Integrated and Streamlined Pick, Pack and Ship Process

  • Guide your pickers through the warehouse with intelligent mobile technology
  • Select your best selling products and optimize the pick flows for your pickers
  • Ensure the right items and quantities are fulfilled
  • A faster, more efficient picking process
  • Gain accurate views of inventory when staging orders
  • Automatically update shipment information with preselected staging information
  • Track and ship optimum inventory in pallets, case packs and containers
  • Stage finished goods for quality control automatically
  • Shipping integrated with Scanco to automate small parcels (including regionals) and LTL
  • Take advantage of USPS to reduce freight spend
  • Connect to CubiScan scales for faster, more reliable measurements and accurate dimensional weight calculation
  • Email notifications that build brand awareness, provide item-level detail and drive traffic back to your site
  • Dashboard gives the entire office quick access to shipment history, metrics and reporting

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