Join the Multi-Cloud Universe with Scanco and Acumatica

AcumaticaThe cloud has changed the dynamic of business software forever. What once required a heavy upfront investment in technology and staggering future upgrade costs now costs a fraction of that amount. Even more important, the cloud provides powerful capabilities far beyond what legacy systems have ever provided.

Scanco’s warehouse and manufacturing automation tools utilize the cloud to offer great benefits. And now, we’re part of a multi-cloud solution with our integration to Acumatica Cloud ERP.

Benefits of the Multi-Cloud Environment

It seems as if everywhere you turn these days there’s an article touting the benefits of the cloud. There are many benefits that end-users can derive from moving their systems to the cloud. From automatic software updates, enhanced security, automatic backups, and easier data access, multi-cloud systems offer considerable cost savings. This is money that you can pour back into your business. Instead of spending money on servers and employees to manage them, you can spend it on tasks that enable you to grow and make more money. With little ramp up needed and less time spend creating something that’s already been made, you don’t have to spend countless hours building up your data center. You simply tap into the systems, servers, and software already available.

Scanco’s Cloud-Based Acumatica Apps

Scanco offers cloud-based apps for manufacturing and warehouse automation as well as sales and field service. To learn more about our new integration to Acumatica Cloud ERP, contact us.