Is Your Warehouse Ready for Advanced Enterprise Technology?

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How to Determine if Advanced Enterprise Warehouse Management Technology is Right for You

Advanced-Enterprise-Warehouse-ManagementAs we discussed earlier this week, there is a largely felt need among today’s manufacturers and distributors for more advanced warehouse management technology. As online retailers continue to expand their reach and inventory, warehouses are challenged to meet customer demands in a quick and efficient manner. Advanced enterprise technology solutions can help you meet these demands all while helping you maintain order and efficiency in the warehouse. They provide the kind of capabilities that can move your warehouse operation for good to great and offer you technology that can truly withstand the test of time (and harsh warehouse environments).

But how do you know if your company is ready for advanced warehouse management technology? Choosing to move to an advanced warehouse management system is not the same as choosing a basic warehouse management solution. First of all, an advanced solution offers more capabilities and customizations, translating into slightly higher price bracket than your basic warehouse management software. Secondly, advanced warehouse management software is absolutely unnecessary if your warehouse processes are not advanced. There’s simply no point in investing a large amount of time, money and resources into an advanced enterprise solution that you don’t need.

Identifying Your Pain Points Will Determine Your Need for Advanced WMS

Part of determining whether or not your company is ready to move to advanced enterprise technology requires you to be able to identify your top pain points (or, to put it in more simple terms, your warehouse’s most obvious felt-needs). Warehouses needing to move to a more advanced warehouse management solution typically experience challenges and frustrations in the following areas:

  • Order management
    Common challenges/frustrations:

o   Inaccurate or incomplete orders

o   Inability to achieve the “perfect order”

o   Order delays due to inventory shortages

o   Lack of a streamlined, automated system leading to higher than average order fulfillment times

  • Labor costs
    Common challenges/frustrations:

o   More demand results in the need to hire more staff (increasing overall labor costs)

o   Productivity issues resulting in higher than normal labor costs

o   Time wasting activities

  • Warehouse assets
    Common challenges/frustrations:

o   Underuse of current equipment

o   Underutilized space in the warehouse

The challenges experienced in these three areas are not quick or simple fixes. The core issue for all of the above pain points is not a lack of knowledge, but a lack of technological ability. To put it simply, there is a discrepancy between your current warehouse’s needs and your current warehouse management solution. They simply are not syncing up as they should.

Plugging Your Warehouse in to Advanced Enterprise Technology

When you’ve realized that your current solution is no longer adequate to meet your operational needs, it’s time to seriously research advanced enterprise warehouse management solutions. Advanced enterprise technology differs from basic warehouse management solutions in many ways. For starters, basic warehouse management systems are only designed to address the most basic warehouse needs. Advanced enterprise solutions are designed to fill the gaps that basic warehouse software cannot. Secondly, advanced enterprise technology is designed to flourish in the more rugged warehouse, offering a robust system for complicated processes and procedures.

Advanced enterprise technology solutions make it possible for warehouses to grow and remain effective and efficient at the same time. These solutions offer warehouses “rugged” options that won’t break or be a risk in the warehouse and extend the capabilities of traditional WMS. With advanced enterprise technology, you can take advantage of features such as:

  • Advanced shipping (including automated picking/packing functionality and multi-bin capability)
  • Real-time warehouse reporting
  • Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA)
  • Advanced barcoding capabilities
  • Hardware that can be made as rugged as you like

Are you looking for advanced enterprise technology? Check out our most recent release for Enterprise Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS 90 software and MAS 200 software). Designed with the most advanced warehouse environments in mind, Scanco Enterprise addresses the root causes of your current warehouse management pain points and eliminates the problem at its source by introducing new and advanced technology. Contact us today to learn more.