Is Your Warehouse Management Data Safe?

Is Your Warehouse Management Data Safe from cybercrime?We spend a lot of time collecting and analyzing our company data. Having easy access to these data through mobility, web interfaces, and cloud computing increases efficiency and productivity; however, these technologies and our storehouses of data have created opportunities for cybercrime.

Cybercrime is a growth industry. It offers high reward at a very low risk. Your ERP can offer financial value to unethical competitors and criminals. A study by McAfee estimates that the cost to the global economy is more than $400 billion. Few of the biggest cybercriminals have been caught or even identified. Even when authorities know exactly who is responsible, there is often nothing they can do about it. The rate of the return favors the criminal so the incentive is to steal more.

Have you considered the cost of cybercrime to your organization? Considered how much the information in your ERP system would be worth to your competitor? How much money would you lose if your ERP and warehouse management systems were taken offline for a period of time? What would be the economic impact if someone is able to manipulate all of your financial information and processes? How would your business be impacted by a decrease in customer confidence and loss of revenue?

The facts are that cybercrime can have a serious impact on any business and it is important to take steps to mitigate that impact. Contact us to learn more about security with your warehouse management data.