Is Your Lack of Presence on Social Media Impacting Your Sales?

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Transferring Your Warehouse Management Intelligence to the Sales Arena

From time to time we like to step outside our usual realm of warehouse management to provide you with tips on how to better your business and improve your sales. We work with a lot of companies in a variety of different industries and have seen and heard about all kinds of business issues. While we are highly qualified to address warehouse management and the related challenges, we have picked up on some useful tips over the years that can better your business as a whole. This month, we’d like to share one of the most helpful tips we’ve received and put into practice to boost sales and improve customer relationships.

In today’s day and age, social media is king. When researching a product or a service, potential customers and clients turn to social media to get an idea of what kind of company they will be dealing with and the satisfaction levels of their current customers. While not always the case, more times than not a lack of involvement on social media can cost companies a potential customer.

When was the last time you engaged with your customers or prospects outside of a sales call? Do you even have a social strategy in place to connect with your customers outside of sales purposes, or is sales your only goal? While it may seem counterproductive, establishing a constant communication stream void of sales jargon and repetitive product pitches with your customers can actually boost your overall sales and improve your customers’ perception of your brand.

How to Leverage Social Tools to Win New Customers, Increase Customer Satisfaction and Boost Sales

Staying in front of your customers in today’s fast-paced and highly connected world is essential. In a time where it’s just as easy to switch company loyalties as it is to check your email on your smartphone, you have to always be prepared to interact intelligently with your customers on their terms or risk losing them to one of your competitors. You know how to do this already. You just need to translate everything you’ve learned about improving customer satisfaction on a warehouse management level to a social media level.

Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about both the manufacturing and distribution industry and our customers. We’ve developed quality warehouse automation tools, discovered warehouse management best practices, and formulated solutions to the problems our customers face. We’ve utilized social media to pass on that knowledge to our customers and – as a result – have seen tremendous improvements in sales and customer engagement.

Smart companies leverage social media to connect with their customers outside of the sale. Here are a few tips to help you increase your company’s value on social media:

  1. Talk about what your customers want to talk about. Don’t just pitch products – find out what your followers want to hear from you and deliver.
  2. Share industry best practices.
  3. Ask about problems or challenges they are currently experiencing and offer solutions (not always product oriented).
  4. Pass on articles or research that could help your followers improve their business. Show them you care about their whole business – not just the part you can profit from.
  5. Respond to both positive and negative feedback – this will show you care about making the wrongs right and continuing to deliver the best service possible.

Becoming a More Social Business

Interacting intelligently with your customers should not end on social media channels. Smart companies are integrating social concepts into their products, opening up new lines of communication and interactions to boost customer satisfaction. From real-time order status updates to customer support text message services, companies are making it easier than ever for customers to obtain the answers to their questions without the hassle of picking up the phone and calling.

Here at Scanco, we have weaved social media principles into our newest products and applications, releasing a new generation of socially intelligent warehouse management software. Our newest release, Scanco Enterprise, combines the best of social and mobile technology to provide warehouse managers with everything they need to manage the warehouse intelligently. Give us a call today at (330) 645-9959 to learn how you can become socially intelligent in the warehouse and beyond. And don’t forget to follow us on social media (links are at the bottom of this page).