Is Scanco’s Sage 100 Barcode Solution Right for You?

As you know, Scanco offers many barcode solutions to aid your company in the warehouse automation process. One of the most common questions we receive is about our Sage 100 barcode software and whether or not it is the right fit for companies. In order to determine if our Sage 100 barcoding solution is the right fit for you, ask yourself the following questions:


  1. Would you like to install barcoding incrementally?
    Customers are often more comfortable with a phased implementation approach. Scanco’s Lite Automation Series offers basic shipping, receiving, warehouse transfers and physical counts and can be implemented for under $5,000 (including hardware and software). The Pro and Elite levels of the Automation Series take those basic processes but add a level of sophistication. Customers can add functionality as they need it and build to a full warehouse management system.
  2. Do you need to add aliases to Inventory Maintenance?
    Customers that receive products with barcodes on them need to be able to scan that barcode and associate it with their item number in Sage 100 ERP. Scanco’s Sage 100 barcoding solutions support this functionality so that receiving is not interrupted when a vendor changes a part number unexpectedly.
  3. Do you need to scan outside of wireless coverage?
    Validation is key to a strong barcoding solution. Scanco’s Automation Series can download all open sales orders, frozen items and purchase orders and validate against that data even when wireless coverage is not available.
  4. Does your company manufacture products?
    Manufacturing is often overlooked when customers are looking at barcoding solutions, but recording labor and materials manually is a long and error-prone process. Scanco’s WoScan product helps users focus on getting products made faster and more efficiently using scanning technology.
  5. Do you have a need for flexibility reporting capabilities?
    Scanco’s Sage 100 barcoding solutions include robust reporting capabilities. Customers can ask questions like, “Who shipped the most orders?” and find out in a matter of seconds.
  6. Do you need Job Cost integration?
    If your company issues material to jobs, Scanco can help you automate this process. Our Sage 100 barcoding software simply prompts for the job number and applies the cost of that item against the job.
  7. Does your company ship a high volume of orders?
    Wave picking, or grouping orders to pick more efficiently, is necessary for companies that ship a high volume of orders. Scanco’s Sage 100 barcoding software will lead the handheld user through the warehouse in the most efficient path so that orders are processed quickly and accurately.
  8. Are you considering upgrading to Sage 500 ERP?
    All of Scanco’s barcoding hardware is compatible with Sage 500 Warehouse Automation. If you are considering an upgrade, it’s important to know that the hardware investment will not be wasted.
  9. Do you need to print barcodes when receiving product?
    Scanco’s barcode printing products are completely integrated to the receiving process on the handheld. When you receive a product that is not barcoded, you can simply push a button on the handheld to generate the barcode.

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, Scanco’s Sage 100 barcode software is the right fit for your company. Scanco’s barcoding solutions easily manage everything from basic shipping and receiving to RFID and voice directing picking using barcode technology. If your distribution company is struggling with slow or inaccurate distribution processes, our solutions have the tools to solve your problems. Each of our barcoding solutions has the flexibility to adapt to your company’s unique needs when it comes to warehouse automation.

Contact us today to learn more about the numerous benefits of implementing our Sage 100 barcoding solution.