Inventory Control: A Look Ahead

Inventory ControlA McKinsey & Company report predicts that automation will have taken over just under 5% of global jobs by the year 2024.

Machines can only complete repetitive tasks that are easily programmed. They cannot anticipate, create, or solve problems as well as people can. Most of the jobs they’ll take over are low-skill jobs.

Looking at the world of inventory control and warehouse management, large mega-warehouses are already using some form of automation. End-to-end warehouse and manufacturing automation that replaces nearly all humans with machines is costly and only the largest of enterprises can afford such an investment. Because of this, most experts predict that SMBs will continue to employ people who will work alongside machines for the greatest time and cost efficiency.

Some automation enhancements available to SMBs include:

  • Voice-activated and automated picking
  • Barcode scanners
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning built into software systems that improves its responses
  • Automated chat bots that can resolve many simple customer service problems

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