Increase Warehouse Efficiency by Ditching the Paper

warehouse efficiencyPaper documents are a huge source of inefficiency in the warehouse. Think about how much time your staff spends sorting, filling out, and filing paper. What happens when a document can’t be found? Recreating it is both expensive and time-consuming.  If you want to increase your warehouse efficiency, the place to start is ditching paperwork and moving toward complete warehouse automation.

Paper often slows down warehouse processes. In an automated warehouse, orders can be viewed on handheld devices. Barcode scanners can track items and packages. The work can be processed anywhere with mobile devices and handheld scanners.

Scanco’s Sage 100 barcoding software can eliminate extra paperwork and let your staff collect and receive data from incoming and outgoing shipments quickly and easily.

Inventory counts, item quantities, lots, and serial numbers can all be automated, virtually eliminating the cost of manual data errors. Barcoding can also automate procedures for many routine tasks. It takes guesswork out of your system, and makes it easier to keep track of items, record them accurately, and locate items within your warehouse system.

Scanco’s barcoding software works with a wide range of devices, including Windows, Android, and iOS systems. Choose from among your existing computers, tablets, and smartphones to automate your whole warehouse. With Sage 100 barcoding software, barcode scanning is made easy.

Scanco offers integrated manufacturing and warehouse automation tools that will streamline your operations and generate more profits. If you would like to see what these systems can do for your operations, contact us.